Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday June 15

We drove into the town of Gelnhausen last night around 10. It was raining... and in the dark this looked like the Bates Motel! CREEPY! There was only 2 other cars in the parking lot and he put us on the 3rd floor... we assumed close to his mother's room! Karen laughed when I put the chair in front of the door. But alas, when we woke up still alive, we realized he really was a nice young man. He even cooked our eggs whatever way we wanted them! 

RAIN, RAIN, RAIN is all it has done last night and today! We began our journey through the famous Fairy Tale road this morning. We walked all around the town of Hanau searching for the Brothers Grimm statue! When I say all around the town... I mean it literally! Ugh! We happened upon a fairy tale operetta for children! That was a bonus! We visited a museum...but it was all in GERMAN (imagine that), so we looked at the pictures and traveled to the next little town (Fulda). Since it has been raining so hard, we decided to check in to the hotel and then walk "just around the corner" to the laundry saloon to do some much needed washing. OH MY... it was pouring, we were "confused" and soaking wet. We finally found the "laundry saloon" and then we couldn't tell what wash cycles we were pushing. EVERYTHING is in German! Thank goodness for a young girl who helped us out after a bit. I sure hope Candid Camera isn't in town! What an experience this has been. As you can tell from all the posts today... we finally have a hotel with internet access! and I bought a new electrical adapter that allows us to fully charge the computer!  


  1. Hi girls, I've just read your adventures and it's awesome. What beautiful country your seeing. Sounds like this trip will make you appreciate home, too! Have fun.
    Jackie P.

  2. Just got back in town and checking out what you girls have been up to...HOW INCREDIBLE!
    Living this through your commentary and pictures is as close as I will get for a long time I'm afraid! Thanks for the great pictures and stories.
    ps...I am now going to go enjoy a route 44 diet coke WITH Sonic ice in a styrofoam cup...yum!